New Hampshire Model Jess Lynn All Smiles For Internet Hollywood Third-Year Celebration

Prince Vega – New Hampshire model Jess Lynn is all smiles in her new selfie for Internet Hollywood’s third-year anniversary. The model surprised me with the selfie in an inbox message that shows her holding up a pink “Happy Birthday Internet Hollywood” sign. Lynn could be seen sitting in a room holding the sign with a huge gorgeous smile and long beautiful blond hair that dangled across her shoulders.


Lynn’s support for Internet Hollywood is greatly appreciated like the talent she has with modeling. That same talent has helped the model get published three times in Internet Hollywood last year. She has been published on Internet Hollywood four times in total, and we predict that number will soon rise.


What’s even more amazing about Lynn is the fact that she freely expresses herself whenever our reporters question her about topics that’s sensitive to the world. She never sugarcoat her views when explaining how she feels about certain situations. Earlier last year she co-signed some of my remarks towards the presidential race and even weighed her on views on the possibility of things being rigged.



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