New Photo Reveals Kiti Gunn’s New ‘Blond’ Look – And Now She’s Ditching It For Purple!

KITI APUZZO 1Kiti Gunn’s return to the world of modeling could mean a lot to our universe knowing she charted #7 in our billboard charts last month. The warmhearted sweetheart revealed changes to her hair a few months back and now recent status updates shows she may be getting tired of it already. The ProjectXPlatinum chart topping celebrity freed her emotion inside a new status update when she expressed that she may be going to purple!

Her status:

Oh no, I’m already getting sick of the blonde. I’m never gonna be able to stick to a hair color for more than a few months. #ohwell#purplenext

Whichever color she chooses it will not confuse our eyes into doubting the beauty we see inside our little Kiti. The model continues to bring the same vibe that creates a positive influence every time she focuses on her modeling career and nothing else. Her latest shoots included Vermont’s own Ron Apuzzo. Ron Apuzzo is a name that seams to float through our social media pages on a timely bases depending on the model he chooses to do his amazing work with. Kiti Gunn was recruited into ProjectXPlatinum earlier this year by ProjectXPlatinum co-founder Isabel Vinson!

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