New York Model Gloria Conroy receives new boxes for her fabulous shoe collection

Social Media & Video (IH) – Internet Hollywood’s first Colombian model has a fabulous shoe collection that is on high demand and she’s stocking up on more boxes to ship them out. The footwear designer recently published a new photo on Instagram that shows her and a friend opening one of the boxes while they both sat on a nicely furnished sofa. It also shows the model being surrounded by 6 more boxes that stood on the right side of her and the left side of her friend.


What’s even more awesome is that Conroy is doing a Mother’s Day sale and is taking 15% off the price of her some of shoes on Mother’s Day. She has a wide variety of items from her collection to choose from and you only have one day to purchase it. So if you reading this story before Mother’s Day feel free to directly message Gloria Conroy on her Instagram since her website is still under construction. (Click here to message her)



Conroy is one of the first few sensations that has made history in Internet Hollywood. After becoming Internet Hollywood’s first model from Colombia she was nominated in Arlene Diaries to be placed in Internet Hollywood’s history book. She will soon be mailed the award from Internet Hollywood.


Having Gloria Conroy apart of Internet Hollywood has been a wonderful experience. She has been published in Internet Hollywood since her debut in January of this year!



Check Here To Check Out Gloria Conroy’s Awesome Shoe Collection

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