New York Model Jenny Bee Joins Internet Hollywood Family, Officially Prince Vega’s Newest Model

nando proPrince Vega – Another star is born in our universe and its a gorgeous new model by the name of Jenny Bee. The talented New York model received an invitation to be apart of our model lineup and was overwhelmed to be selected. I personally felt recruiting her would be a great choice because of her beautifully shaped body that demands the flashing lights of success. Her eyes were beautiful and her talent was undeniably fascinating.


Bee’s curiosity is a leading reason why she was chosen to be one of our gorgeous new celebrities. Her passion for modeling blossoms like the warm energetic vibe she gives from her energy when interacting with others. She made it quite clear in our conversation that she would put full time in when it comes to creating a career out of her dreams.


We could credit this peace of art displayed as this featured image on talented photographer Nando Pro. His amazing touch to freeze the eye an capture the beauty of life in one image is truly a gift. The amazing teamwork between him and Jenny Bee made the existence of this fascinating shoot possible and we have to give them full credit for it.


We are hoping Bee continues to take advantage of this opportunity we are given and do all she can to open up new doors with us. We welcome this dazzling new star with open arms and faith that her stunning skills will make her one of our top models in future months to come.


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