NH model Amie Emmons says she wants to collab with Thru.My.Eye Photography, discusses being a costume maker/designer, creating bows, upcoming projects and more!

Beyond The Lens – New Hampshire model Amie Emmons is getting the attention she deserves after an awesome interview with us earlier this weekend. The independent model was contacted over Facebook and was asked if she would like to do an interview and she said yes.


The interview was long overdue and should have happened a long time ago. Emmons has supported Internet Hollywood for a while and we truly appreciate it. Enjoy the interview!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Amie Emmons*~*~



Internet Hollywood: What’s up Amie!? I apologize for taking a long time to get to you. You have been so supportive of Internet Hollywood and we greatly appreciate it. It feels good to finally put together a few questions for you to answer. How was your Halloween? Did you do any dressing up at all?


Emmons: Thank you so much! I love being apart of such a great group of artists and individuals. Well, my Halloween was not what I was expecting it to be. I was hoping to dress up do a Halloween type themed shoot, have fun with some friends, possibly have a drink or two and call it a night, however, I was sick and spent it as sleeping beauty in bed ???? I felt my energy was better spent  resting since I don’t only model and my health is my main concern. I cant put my full self into anything if I’m not feeling fully my self if that makes sense.


Internet Hollywood: Now modeling is a thing you have been doing on the independent level for quite some time now.  How challenging has it been to connect with people to do photo shoots and what online outlets helped you out the most?


Emmons: I have been modeling for a bit now, over 5 years. I was agency signed on and off but I have found being independent allows me to have more freedom and control over what I do and whom I work with. I love modeling, however, its not something I see as a career. I am also a vet assistant and I am in school to further educate myself and become a vet technician. So it also allows me to be less stressed I’ve found. I am able to create my own schedule and I feel creating constant content that needs to have income coming in really does limit who I work with, what I/we create and where I can place that work. And I love creating images for the art of it when it comes down to it and how educated I leave after every shoot.


Internet Hollywood: What are some of your favorite type of photo shoots to do and who are some of the people you would like to do them with?


Emmons: I love images that make you feel moved. Images that tell a story. Images that are more than just a pretty face in a shot. I do glamour shots but I love storytelling mostly. I went to college for motion picture film so I love creating emotion in others and telling a story through images. Recently I have been working with a new photographer, thru.my.eye Photography her name is Alyssa Wooten. She brings a lot to a shoot more than just ideas and story concepts for what you’ll be shooting together but she comes with items as well to add in the shoot and a level of comfortability that’s rare these days. It shows how invested she is in her art and how proud she is of her work. I am looking forward to shooting with her again. I won’t drop any spoilers but maybe a couple times have been booked this month with her.


Internet Hollywood: You made some pretty awesome cotton bow ties recently. When did you learn how to do them and are you planning on making a business out of your ties?


Emmons: I loveeeee making bows! I do make more than bows. I am actually a costume maker/designer! I am into cosplay and I make most of my cosplay work and share the progress of that work as well as the many other things I make. I will answer the part of how I got into sewing and crafting first though. I grew up with a family who sewed so I watched my great grandmother hand sew or using her 1920s singer sewing machine all the time and when she had passed I watched my meme sew all the time. I was actually gifted, two years ago, my great grandmothers 1920s singer sewing machine and it’s my pride and joy. I love
hand sewing mostly though. I have anxiety and depression so I’ve found it is a good distraction and I guess a mental break from everything for me so it just keeps me busy and focused like meditating. I also make paper bow ties, candles, soaps, bath bombs, body scrubs/rubs, curtains, pillows, chapstick, animal toys, dog treats, chalk bags for rock climbing, clothing items that are not cosplay related, cosplay attire, paintings and soooooooo much more! I love the arts.


Internet Hollywood: What are some things that go through your mind during a photo shoot and what kind of impression do you want to leave on the people that see the photos when they are finished?


Emmons: I guess it depends on the shoot or the concept. If its a storytelling concept I try to get into an actress mindset and live that story. If its a more sexy shoot… I honestly tell my self I am a bad ass bitch from hell that no one can mess with and get it. Then I get it. I try to get myself into a very confident mindset because I think sexy comes from how confident you appear rather than how you look or what you’re wearing. At the end of the day, I try to leave every shoot feeling great about myself and what my photographer and I have worked on. And I try to come out of every shoot having learned something new. I hope people get the emotion I bring to every shot they see, I hope they see the progress of every shot and every shoot I do. I hope they see the progress of the photographers and other artists I work with have achieved every shot and shoot we do.


Internet Hollywood: Are you working on any projects now?


Emmons: Currently, I am working on a few cosplay related things, I am actually going to be a guest cosplay panel member for FPU RAVEN Convention 2018 on March 3, 2018. I hope people check it out and come! It’s in NH. I have all of November booked with shoots so I have about 5 of those this month and some mini video work I am doing in between as well. And I am making some attire for a couple of those shoots. I love doing gifts for fans so I’m working on a few gifts for a few people who support me constantly and share my work with others, Just as a thank you for the support and love.


Internet Hollywood: What is the main thing you want out of modeling and what happens after you achieve that goal?


Emmons: I went into modeling hoping I would become more confident with myself. Over and over again I would hear you don’t go into modeling looking to become confident and at first, I didn’t understand because I was like, modeling totally made me more confident. I failed to give myself more credit. I had to be willing and confident enough to even try to begin with. I always had confidence I just think I didn’t
actually see it until it was in image format and after my first shoot seeing my first set of images my confidence took off and I believed more in myself. I do have my days like anyone though, I won’t
pretend that I am always confident and always this strong person but I think its the fact that I get back up after those moments that make me strong and make others strong.


Internet Hollywood: Last question: If you fail to achieve your main goal what happens after?


Emmons: I think I already have achieved my goal I think at some point I made a new goal and that was to constantly grow and be willing to grow. So now I try to be involved in things that are new and can help
me grow and whomever I’m working with grow.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much for the interview, Amie. Keep doing an amazing job!


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Photographer: FXD Photography



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