NH Model Blu Jess turns fall into summer in her new beach photo shoot with Dream Overdrive Photography

Photoshoots – Independent New Hampshire model Blu Jess is back doing what she does best and she has a couple of new photos from her latest photo shoot she did. The model recently teamed up with Dream Overdrive Photography and pulled off the beach shoot in Long Sands Beach in York, ME. The model filled me in on the background story to the photo shoot and even sent me a couple of pictures to share inside of this story. I’m happy that I could share them almost as quickly as I got them. LOL.


After receiving the inside scoop on how the photo shoot came about I felt the need to share the experience with you. Jess explained how she missed “going out, having an adventure, no expectations, no studio, no elaborate setups, just creating and capturing moments.”After discussing it with D.O. (Dream Overdrive), the talented photographer decided to take on model photography for the very first time and do a  real photo shoot with the model for the very first time. It was the last 90-degree day so they both packed up and went up to the beach and did a couple 5-minute test shoots so D.O. get the hang of things before continuing. She continued to explain:


“The water was cold but the air was warm so it wasn’t the worst. We eventually just started shooting where ever, and just trying our best not to get people in the background. We definitely got a lot of awkward looks haha. Although one really sweet woman stopped me while I was taking a break and told me that she thought our shoot looked so beautiful. That really made my day!”


That wasn’t all that happened in Jess’s fun adventure. She also told me about a funny story about some Seagull she tried to make friends with but he turned out to be a little thief who took off with some lady’s bag. LMAO. She explained:


” I tried to make friends with a seagull. I thought he was a nice seagull but then he stole some woman’s lunch bag. D.O. told me that Seagulls on the beach aren’t really nice, haha! That story has a nice ending though because she ran after the Seagull and finally grabbed her lunch bag, and everyone on the beach, including us, cheered for her victory! You go, thieving Seagull avenger lady! I’m sure that Seagull had a plethora of crabs to eat and probably didn’t need her sandwich any way.”


The ending results from the photo shoot were awesome and they both did a good job on this shoot. Blue Jess is determined that D.O. will be stapled in the New England modeling photography scene with his skills. I look forward to seeing what they both cook up in the future!




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