Nicki Minaj And Miley Cyrus Staged Their VMA Altercation For Shock Value – Prince Vega

miley and nickiInternet Hollywood founder Prince Vega isn’t really buying into all the hype surrounding the tensions between Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus. He told Internet Hollywood reporters that he believes the entire thing was staged for the purpose of shock value. He also expressed how he felt that corporations were turning everything about hip hop into Hollywood.

“It all looks pretty staged to me,” he said. “You didn’t notice when Nicki Minaj started to smile the camera quickly switched to Miley Cyrus? They almost broke out of character. The cameraman did a pretty horrible job at saving that moment. All that’s left is the press to convince the people that what they seen was real when everyone can pretty much see it’s fake. Welcome to the modern age. That’s exactly what corporations are turning hip hop into.”

Prince Vega was never much of a fan when it comes to mainstream music. The last time he opened up about his feelings towards the mainstream he claimed that corporations hijacked hip hop.

“Hip Hop has been hijacked by corporations,” he said. “When you hear the kind of music that’s coming out now it’s clear it’s for the wrong reasons. I honestly feel they’re subconsciously indoctrinating kids to live a party lifestyle that involves drugs, money, sex, violence, cars, and jewelry. That’s honestly my opinion on that.”

In previous reports, Prince Vega has made it clear that his return to music isn’t about exposing the government, but his views are widely known. He also admitted he isn’t a political artist like Immortal Technique, so chances are you will not be hearing him exposing the government in his music. He did however, mentioned that it wouldn’t be hard to detect how he emotionally feels when you listen to his music. A little search on Youtube will show he’s done versus in plenty of songs that addresses problems in the world.

“I translate the hell state of my subconscious mind,” he said. “That’s pretty much why most of the songs are dark. It’s like a reflection of the outside realm from within. My mind perceives the language of the universes quite differently from humans. It’s more about emotions, energy, balance, and etc.. Whatever signals influence my body at the time I’m recording is the kind of energy that will be translated in sounds.”

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