Nicki Minaj cries while explaining ‘Motorsport’ Controversy with Cardi B, says Quavo said he’d defend her if she was his girl (Video)

Popular News – Multi-platinum selling hip-hop/pop artist Nicki Minaj has been through a lot since her battle with legendary Bronx rapper Remy Ma. She has been on the receiving end of overwhelming hate after being tagged a bully that pulled corporate strings in an attempt stop Remy Ma from attaining more success after the release of a ruthless diss song titled ‘Shether’ ended up in high rotation in commercial outlets. But if you dig a little deeper you’d find out this has been something going on long before that. But that isn’t what this story is about.


Minaj has been really silent for a while but now things are heating up since the release of her two songs ‘Chun-Li’ and ‘Barbie Tingz.’ Although many people have different views on her, she went all out lyrically to prove that she’s one of the best female rappers to do it and judging on the push commercially, her major label seems to be backing it.


The female artist appeared on Beats 1 Radio to discuss many things that fans have been waiting forever to hear about. They recently posted a clip where she went into great detail about the controversy surrounding the ‘Motorsport’ song that included the rap group Migos and Cardi B. Minaj said she gave Cardi B the green light to be on the song after Quavo asked her, but he then refused to save her from the controversy surrounding Cardi B being on the track and allegedly stated that he would defend her if she was his girl. Check out the clip from the interview below!


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