Nicola Cordon Talks To Internet Hollywood – And Gives Advice On How To Start Modeling


Nicola Cordon is an upcoming model with a promising fan base that will stay while she grows into super stardom. Imagining the piece of art she creates in each pose she brings while every camera captures the magic is exactly what expanded her following. Without a doubt this down to earth celebrity is definitely on a trail that will open the doors where more opportunities will present itself. We recently caught up with Nicola to get her thoughts and advice on how upcoming models could start off without struggling through the storm that’ll take the passion away from wanting to accomplish their dreams forever.

“The modeling industry is hard, it’s not as easy as some people think, and getting into it can also be difficult but as a present my dad actually paid for me to have a portfolio done down in London because he knew how much I wanted to get into it. A while after I managed to land my first photo shoot in March 2012. It was after that, that things started slowly picking up for me.”

Nicola went on to weigh her thoughts on the challenges that lies ahead for upcoming models and gave her advice on how to start off if your in the beginner stages of becoming a model.

“There is a lot of competition out there so it can be hard making a name for yourself but being positive can help even when you get shot down, confidence plays a bit part to. My advice personally would be to get yourself a portfolio done and look around different places via the internet for modeling pages to put your work on such as Purple Port, that’s a good starting point. I have arranged a few of my photo shoots through that.”

Nicola is currently carrying a load of over six thousand followers and the numbers continues to grow as the weeks climb into brand new months. Nicola become one of the latest recruits in ProjectXPlatinum after Prince Vega discovered her photos on a photographers Facebook fan page. We welcome Nicola to our headlining universe and we are grateful to have her.


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