Nikki Doll Face is prepared for the IH Party: “I am thrilled to represent Keturah’s brand. I just hope to show off her edgy, amazing style with elegance and grace”

(IH Live Access) – Independent Connecticut model Nikki Doll Face is giving us her real thoughts and feelings about Internet Hollywood’s upcoming party that is expected to take place in Natick, Massachusetts. The beautiful upcoming model expressed how excited she was to represent Keturah’s brand Eccentric Chic Designs and she’s hoping the music is right later on to get her dance on. I spoke with her earlier today to get the inside scoop and she happily opened about to everything I asked. Check out the interview!



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Internet Hollywood: What’s up Nikki Doll Face?! Thank you for taking your time out to chat with us. I was hoping to get your thoughts on our historic event that will be coming to Natick, Massachusetts on July 1st. It will be our first party of the year that will include our very first fashion show and your going to be in it! How did it feel to find out you were going to be in the fashion show and are you nervous about walking?


Nikki Doll Face: I am grateful and very excited to be apart of Internet Hollywood’s first fashion show. Yes, I am a little nervous. It’s been awhile since I did my last fashion show


Internet Hollywood: You were chosen to walk for Keturah’s Eccentric Chic Designs. I’m not sure if you have seen her clothing brand yet but she’s extremely talented and many upcoming models love her designs. As a representative of her brand, what kind of message do you hope to send to everyone watching you while you walk during the fashion show?


Nikki Doll Face: I am thrilled to represent Keturah’s brand. I just hope to show off her edgy, amazing style with elegance and grace. I want to portray excitement and happiness.


Internet Hollywood: I’m not sure if you been paying attention to all of the updates that have been going on through our social media pages, but this event will be loaded with cameras. Have you decided what you’re going to wear for the event yet?


Nikki Doll Face: I have a few dresses picked out but I have not decided yet!


Internet Hollywood: One of the things that we’re hoping to find out is everyone’s taste in music. The DJ we selected for the event will most likely be taking request for the evening, so my question is this; what kind of music would you like to hear and do you think you’ll be dancing at all?


Nikki Doll Face: I am always down to do some dancing and get jiggy with it. I like all genres of music. I hope he plays some good rap & hip hop songs. I also love to dance to Bruno Mars, The Weekend, and Ariana Grande!


Internet Hollywood: What are you hoping to gain from this event after it’s done and is there anyone that you know that’s attending this event that you can’t wait to hang out?


Nikki Doll Face:  I do not know many of the models attending. I always love hanging out with Brysten Bug (Haley Moss). I make friends easily and I look forward to meeting new people and seeing how wonderful everyone looks.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much for chatting with me, Nikki! It’s going to be fun hanging out with you again!


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Photography by Paul Smith

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