Norisabeth struts her gorgeous body in new photo shoot with Raven Macabre Photography

Internet Hollywood News – An up and coming model from the state of Massachusetts just crushed a new photo shoot with the amazingly talented Raven Macabre. The photographer recently shared a photo Norisabeth on his facebook status with a caption that read: “Let’s start off this dreary morning with someone lovely, hey there Norisabeth Santos.”


The photo shows the model strutting her magnificent curves in some very revealing wardrobe. Her beautiful lips matched the color of her hair and dangled inches above her shoulders. She looked so amazing in this photo shoot. Raven Macabre was clearly on his a game at this photo shoot. This guy never misses a good shot. LOL


So what’s the deal with these two talented people I recently met at Internet Hollywood’s first party of the year? It turns out Norisabeth was one of the beautiful models that brighten up Raven Macabre’s mood at our party. We found out after the photographer tagged her in the status. I have to admit it was hilarious seeing the photographer a little under the influence. Everybody loves this guy.


When I met Santos she gave off positive energy that influenced the comforting vibe I during our conversations. She seemed very smart, mature and heavily experienced with dealing things in today’s world. I sensed that she had a story to tell and I knew thousands of people would listen. She was so energized, fun and open to share words with me. Hopefully soon we could get her to share words with all of you as well!

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