NY Model Cheyenne Marie Reveals Childhood Crush For Josh Hartnett: “I Thought He Was Gorgeous”

Topic Of The Week – New York model Cheyenne Marie is getting in on the discussion of the week and is sharing some of her past memories with us for you all to read. If you browse through Internet Hollywood you will notice dozens of Internet Hollywood sensations opening up about their childhood crush and favorite television show while growing up.


Marie was one of the few sensations in Internet Hollywood that we felt we needed to speak to. Although she only has three publications, she is one of the first few models to be recruited to Internet Hollywood almost three-years ago. When asking her, “Who was her childhood crush and what was her favorite show growing up?” Here was her response to me.

“My celebrity crush would definitely have to be Josh Hartnett. I only seen him in a few movies but I thought he was gorgeous and I loved his smile/demeanor. (Even with that haircut in Halloween H20) As far as a favorite television show? I’m going two kick it back to the 90’s. A show called All That featuring Keenan and Kel. My brother and I would copy skits from the show. Brings back some funny memories for certain.”


Marie was recently added to Internet Hollywood’s list of sensations after accepting an invitation that was written by Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega. He is positive that the model will be a great role model for young women all over the world.


This stunning featured image of Cheyenne Marie was taken by Shakespeare’s Angel Photography

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