NY Model EmFamous And Her Shocking Takeover On The Back Cover Of Internet Hollywood Magazine

Internet Hollywood News –  Upcoming New York model EmFamous shocked the entire Internet Hollywood universe after she managed to land a feature on the back cover of Internet Hollywood’s first magazine of the year with just one published story. The process leading up to the full publication of the magazine had no mention of this dazzling new star being featured in the magazine at all.


Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega defended his decision to make EmFamous the back cover girl for this issue to represent the new breed of models entering Internet Hollywood.


“I think rewarding EmFamous shows a lot about how we view newer models in Internet Hollywood,” Prince Vega said. “Everyone possess some access to greater exposure in Internet Hollywood regardless of how established you are. At the end of the day, what matters is how much you believe in yourself enough to chase after your goals even when its really hard. EmFamous is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. She’s an independent mother that grinds when she can even while going through what she goes through. I felt someone like her deserves.”


This story marks EmFamous second publication since her debut in Internet Hollywood in December 2016. Our private committee of thirteen predicts that EmFamous will impact Internet Hollywood greatly in the future and may even become a top 10 sensation among female models.


You could check out our first magazine of the year by clicking here and directing the side arrows on Joomag. The gorgeous 24-year-old model could be found on page 28.


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