Nyasia Milãn discusses her holiday plans, talks about horror movies, her haunted house experience, treats, and more!

Topic of the Week (Halloween) – Nyasia Milãn is an aspiring model from the state of New York that is just getting her feet warm in the independent modeling field. I had the great pleasure in chatting with her in our interview about Internet Hollywood’s topic of the week, Halloween. The topic has helped start a conversation where holiday plans were revealed for everyone to read right here on the website.


Nyasia kept her answers to my questions very short and simple and got right to the point with each answer. Although this interview is only five questions long, I plan on learning more about Nyasia in interviews we do together in the future. I asked her a few hot topic questions and got her to reveal a haunted house experience she had in the past. I’m hoping to get Nyasia to open up more in interviews in the future to have amazing conversations with her to share with you all. Check out the interview!


~*~*Interview /w Nyasia Milãn*~*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s goodie Shay?! Welcome to the Internet Hollywood universe. I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to chat with me about Halloween. I have been learning about everyone’s stories and have been sharing them with our readers. I look forward to hearing your story as well. How has your holiday planning been going? Will you be dressing up for Halloween?


Nyasia Milãn: It’s going okay and no I will not be dressing up this year.


Internet Hollywood: Now I know your an aspiring model that will soon be beginning her steps to fulfill her modeling journey. If you were able to do a Halloween shoot this year who would you love to dress up as and what kind of photoshoot will it be?


Nyasia Milãn:  I would be Winnie Harlow, the photo shoot would have to be on a grave site


Internet Hollywood: Now back to my hot topic questions; what were some of your favorite horror movies to watch and what character would you say frightened you the most?


Nyasia Milãn: I love all the Halloween movies with Michael Myers and the crazy thing about my daughter has the same bday as him, but Michael Myers frighten me the most.


Internet Hollywood: Have you ever been through a haunted experienced or witnessed something many would consider supernatural?


Nyasia Milãn: I went to the scariest haunted house called the hayride where there were 3 haunted houses and a hayride and every house ran a different direction instead of going ahead. It was so funny and scary, I also fell hard as hell.


Internet Hollywood: What were some of your favorite treats to get during your trick or treating days and what would you say is the coolest costume you ever wore?


Nyasia Milãn: My favorite treat was all chocolates, Twizzlers, Skittles, and candy corn but I can’t remember the last time I wore a custom that’s crazy


Internet Hollywood: One important question I have been asking people was about the safety and security measures all parents should take when bringing their children out trick or treating. What is some safety advice you recommend parent take when taking their kids out trick or treating?


Nyasia Milãn: Parents should take a flashlight, pepper spray, and extra bags for candy lol


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview beautiful! Have Happy Halloween!



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