Nyasia Milãn of New York to play IH Vega’s girlfriend in his new audio-book series that will premiere next month!

Buzz Alert – News recently came out that hip hop artist IH Vega (Vaughka) was working on an audiobook series and that he cast a couple of people to play in it. We now learned Aspiring model Nyasia Milãn’s character in the series goes by the name of Monica Brown and she is the girlfriend of the character IH Vega will be playing. The series is already in the works and will be premiering on Internet Hollywood next month or maybe sooner. It has been said that Nyasia’s character inherited a real estate empire that’s under threat by a real estate tycoon with a lot of money and a thirst for new property and willing to do everything to get it!




 Nyasia Milãn: Instagram

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