Ohio Rapper Gusto Believes California Rapper Cthree Intentionally Sent Shots At Snacks Giggaty

Upcoming underground rapper Gusto has finally broke his way into a brand new headline to comment on what our universe is calling a “subliminal shot” against Mayhem Music headliner Snacks Giggaty. Ctthree recently updated a status on his Facebook with written lyrics that sounds as if he’s directly targeting an artist.

“I love what I do all my Music has a piece
of me with it, but when I hear most Songs today

Open your Mind… what happen to originality ??
Find your voice then speak not the other way around
” Kill any Emcee puttem under the train tracks you dont love the music you do it for the street rats
the truth is more then leisure, leave you stiff like ah paraplegic
I aint tellin you were his brains at take a guess
you DRONE rappers my late snack… Goodmorning”

The lines has caused quite a stir and underground artists all over Internet Hollywood is speaking on how they feel about it. We recently caught up with an upcoming artist from Ohio name Gusto to get his take on what he thought about it. We also asked if he thought the lines was a subliminal shot, and he did!

“I’m sure that he could’ve came up with better lines for the last two,” he said. “I like the first one though. But yeah, I do feel like it is a shot at the rapper Late Nite Snacks. The bar takes 2/3rds of his name, then also says what time of the day it reportedly happened. Could be a coincidence, but I highly doubt that. Lol… But battle rapping is something that the genre needs. It’s another way of being known within the rap music scene. And I think that there is really three different ways for it to be within the music. Take rapper Diabolic for example. I love his 1st CD “Liar & a Thief” but he’s not famous for putting out CDs since it’s only been 1 & in 2010, but he’s famous for battle rapping. Or somebody more well known like Eminem, for example. He’s an awesome rapper and has put out more good material then anybody else in the game and considered unbeatable in battles. That’s 2 ways with a rapper getting famous because of it, other than using it after he got fame. Battle rapping is something that we use to have fun with, as far as two mcs battling just to see who is better, or a little tension between two rappers and some diss songs get put out about each other. You can take “The Game vs G-unit” as an example for that one. Or if a rapper just does not like somebody in the genre. I mean, I’m going be putting out “So you a gangsta?” And that’s dissing Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Chief Keef, & Soldja Boi. I don’t know if it would affect the underground rap scene on this site. Because really, the underground rap scene is on it’s own channel. I just feel like you guys would be covering and monitoring it more then anything, which is perfectly cool to. I’m Just saying that it’s not exactly something that you guys can control.”

Late Night Snacks is currently battling against multiple artists from around the world to land in the top ten on our billboard charts. Snacks Giggaty has already headlined over four times since his start late last month. Ohio rapper Gusto and Ctthree has made headlines twice since their debut yesterday!

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