Ohio Rapper Gusto Flicks It Up In A New Selfie – Stays Loyal To The 49er’s

gusto edit 1Rapper Gusto continues to break through our headlines with stories that continues to make front page news. The Ohio rapper recently posted up a new flick last week showing off his new San Fransico 49ers hat with a vneck he claims he accidentally bought. Even if it was mistakenly purchased our Gusto still kept it fresh and tested it out in a new flick he didn’t mind sharing to his friends and following. Gusto is one of the known ‘Game Of Rap’ musicians that continues to find his way into our headlines by making power moves in his career as an underground musician in the alternative universe. His incredible way of thinking while touching down on topics outside of hip hop easily helped him land in the top ten billboard charts within two months. One thing is certain about Gusto and that’s his dedication to be more than just a person that raps, but a rapper that believes in achieving his goals to the best of his abilities. Gusto’s vision remains different from artists that claim they’re in love with the music they create. He continues to come up with amazing ideas to share with representatives apart of Internet Hollywood which is boosting his credibility at a very fast pace. Gusto is the only musician involved with Internet Hollywood’s Game Of Rap’ Series that caught the attention of multiple models at one time after he spoke on the difference between love & like relationships. Gusto is currently the 6th biggest male celebrity in Internet Hollywood!

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