Is Ohio Rapper Gusto Strong Enough To Survive The Storm Waiting In Internet Hollywood?

GUSTO 1Gusto is one of the latest to make his way into our realm and the smell of his trail isn’t far away from those racing ahead. The upcoming Ohio rapper attracts the energy that simply understands his flow that will very well later grow on you. Many would be in doubt of his skill but the real is made out of those that continues pushing regardless what any says and he’s doing just that. Gerald is clearly one of those sounds many would reject simply because they don’t under what the development process is. The chances that opens up for artists like Gusto leaves the advantages closer than most artists actually realize. The young upcomer has found himself enough to identify the feeling of wanting to be what others claim they are without any idea how. Gusto continues to drive his form of rapping into multiple tracks with beats that are even found on our Joey Claris’s famous Youtube channel. We clearly find any material by our princess Joey Claris phenominal and to hear an upcoming artist makes listening to the tracks even more exciting. We welcome Gusto to our universe and we wish him all the luck in the world as the billboard charts approach us months to come!


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