Omelly Goes Off On Beanie Sigel For The Breakfast Club Interview


Prince Vega – Meek Mill’s cousin Omelly wasn’t too pleased with what Beanie Sigel had to say in his interview with The Breakfast Club. The rapper quickly logged into his Instagram account and ranted about Beanie Sigel not being as real as he thought he was.

Omelly Instagram Post:

“AYEEEEEE @beaniesigelsp THE GAME AINT ONLY CALL YOU YOU JUST THE ONLY 1 that was bitching acting like we strangers,” he writes, “if it’s fuck us it’s fuck you nigga stop frauding acting like you wrote niggas raps you on some nutt shit & I’ll tell you this to ya face I don’t even care about that philly talk nigga you lost respect as a man in my books YOU LET BITCH ASS @losangelesconfidential TREAT YOU LIKE THE SUCKA YOU’RE IM NOT WIT THIS SHIT EITHER.”

Watch The Video Below To Learn More

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