O’Merta Releases New Music Video For ‘My Side Of Town’ On Facebook, Shares & Views Continues To Climb

O'MERTA IMAGESPrince Vega – After waiting a few months for the official release of O’Merta’s music video for ‘My Side Of Town‘ we finally received it! The new video by TheFaceyKid was published on his social media page where it garnered the support and attention of thousands who viewed the video along-side hundreds who shared with dozens of comments that followed behind.


Before the release of the video O’Merta alerted his social media followers on the upcoming release with a teaser trailer and a status above that read: “Short preview of O’merta’s Highly Anticipated Song ” My Side Of Town ” video will drop Friday @ 3:30 P.M. #Mixtape coming this fall ????#Shhhh


That time has passed and now the video is dominating shares over Facebook and has racked almost 3 thousand views and now a front page news story in Internet Hollywood. He has officially been published on Internet Hollywood five times and that number will change very soon if I were to make future predictions now.


O’Merta first made front page news on Internet Hollywood last year after changing his name from Arkatekk Miles to O’Merta. According to past articles, ‘Where I’m Going’ dominated spins on Internet Hollywood Radio and received over 58 spins in a two-week period.


Click Here To Watch: O’Merta –  ‘My Side Of Town’

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