O’Merta To Release Song Dedicated To His Friend Splash, ‘My Side Of Town’ Video Coming Soon

omerto newPrince Vega – The countdown is on for the official music video release to O’Merta’s powerful street anthem ‘My Side Of Town‘ which has been in the works for a little over a month now. The extremely talented lyricist shared the exciting news on his status earlier last month (May 8th) and has been living up to his word  putting everything together. Over the course of the month we have opened our ears up to the new single that has pushed thousands of views since its released, also getting pictures from the video shoot that leads us to believe the completion process is near its end. O’Merto will also be paying tribute to his close friend Splash who recently died in a car crash in Connecticut. We wish him and Splash’s family the best in recovering from this tragic lost and we ask that everyone show their support and spread the song to everyone you know when he releases it. We learned of the song during a status update today by the hip hop artist on his social media page.

“Im droppin somethin for you tonight Splash ????????????”

As far as “My Side Of Town” goes, we aren’t aware who’s shooting the video at the moment, but when we find out all credit will be given to the magical vision behind the camera. O’Merta is a visionary who paints pictures of reality before shaping it like a true artist does. Unlike most artists, O’Merta is so passionate about rapping that he details what he perceives like an author does each chapter inside of a book. He highlights his emotions through moments detailed on melodic beats that allows him to deliver his powerful lyrics that is very hard to go unnoticed. O’Merta is very confident in the body of work he pieces together and it shows in all of his songs.

omerto2In his last music video “When I’m Gone” O’Merta echoed into the past with a flashing reenactment of a time he was shot in his hometown of Hartford, Connecticut. The video also included his friend/rapper BløckBøyy Gøtti. Both artists has been using they talent to expand their career on a level that stretches beyond the barriers known by those who seek greatness. The timely releases of singles is one of the most smartest strategic moves done by an unsigned artist. O’Merta’s way of timing the release of his music singles will greatly benefit him in the future.

Those who know the rapper knows he lives and breathes hip hop. Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega has witnessed O’Merta passion from rapping years before debuting on Internet Hollywood. Every time he would see O’Merta he was rapping and wouldn’t stop almost the entire time. It’s not like he started as soon as seen Vega. He would rap on and off the entire day as if it was language of its own, perhaps it is. If anyone deserves to receive glory for their passion in music it’s O’Merta. We look forward to seeing the new music video when it is released soon!!

Click Here To Listen To ‘My Side Of Town’

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