OMG! Model Emilia Caroline Is Getting Married, Boyfriend Proposes To Her Under The Sea!

Relationship Goals – Internet Hollywood model Emilia Caroline is the happiest girl in the world right now and she has every right to be. We are just learning that her super awesome boyfriend Andy proposed to her at The Greater Cleveland Aquarium in Cleveland, Ohio. The FirstEnergy Powerhouse building was a place for awes as the two shared a magical kiss under a tank filled with sharks!!


We were made aware of this overwhelming moment in Caroline’s life after the model shared the exciting news on her social media page with dozens of pictures that will warm your heart to this beautiful moment in this young couples life. The model thanked their friends Jess and Cory for helping her soon-to-be husband pull off the awesome proposal.


“I’m am so unbelievably happy to get engaged under the sea (literally) to the love of my life!! I am so lucky!!!???????????? i was so surprised, thanks Jess and Cory for helping him pull it off!”

Of course her social media lit up with dozens of heartwarming comments that congratulated Emilia on beginning the next big step in her life. We just had to get in touch with her to get the inside story on how it all happened!


Internet Hollywood Question: OMG! Congratulations Emilia! We are so shocked to hear about your new engagement! I’m like so speechless now and blown away. Please for the love of god explain to us how did this all happen? Did you knew the proposal was coming? What were the steps before your incredible fiancee proposed?


“Andy didn’t tell me where we were going, he said we were meeting some associates from his work and it would be something I’d like but he wouldn’t tell me. This isn’t totally unusual, as we like to surprise each other with little things now and again. There was a big function going on downtown so I thought he was taking me to a concert or show. We ended up right next door at the Cleveland Aquarium and it was completely empty. I thought we were running late for maybe a presentation or a show. I said “Andy you hands are all sweaty.” And he goes “I’m wondering where everyone is!” So I’m thinking crap, we are in the wrong place, or we are super late. We walked into the underwater shark tube and there was a single table with wine and Sushi from our favorite restaurant that we went to on our first date and a bunch of Little Mermaid Ariel stuff covering the table. He turns to me and says “Well, I guess it’s just us tonight.” and at that point I was like oh my freaking god. So we had dinner and my favorite wine and when we were finished he went to point something out to me in the tank and that’s when he got down on one knee and proposed. I was so happy I didn’t even realize that his brother and sister in law we’re hiding around the corner (and had been sitting there for over an hour) taking pictures the entire time. I am so happy and excited because he is definitely the man of my dreams and literally proposed under the sea! Clearly I am in love with mermaids and everything involving the sea, and also have been obsessed with sharks since I was 6. So when we took our pictures, sharks surrounded us. If you were to go back in time and tell 10 year old me what this proposal was going to be like I think I would have fallen over. I am so lucky to have someone take that much time and effort into making that night one of the most magical nights of my life.”


Internet Hollywood Question: That is so beautiful! I don’t think you have any idea how jealous we all are. You both look perfect together! Are you nervous at all? What was the first thing you thought about when you woke up this morning? Has it really hit you yet that your about to get married soon?


“I am a bit nervous, only because we want an October wedding and that’s either really close if we chose this year or really far away if we wait until next year. When I woke up this morning I was just so happy because I woke up next to the man of my dreams handing me a cup of coffee ❤ I think its still sinking in right now”

Internet Hollywood Question: That is so awesome. We are so happy for you over here at Internet Hollywood. We wish you both an amazing journey in this next big step in your lives and we’ll be watching!


“Thank You.”


Emilia Caroline has been published 5 times in Internet Hollywood and is currently ranked #10 on our top models chart. We are super stoked for our amazing sensation and her fiancee and we wish them the best on their next huge step in life. This was an absolutely perfect way to propose to someone like Emilia Caroline. WAY TO GO ANDY!!!


Check out these breathtaking photos from that beautiful life changing night below!






























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