One Of Prince Vega’s First Model Recruits Blu Jess Returns To Internet Hollywood After Two Years

blu jessPrince Vega – One of Prince Vega’s first born stars has returned and the celebration of one of our originals is only the beginning. Blu Jess impressive modeling abilities has earned her the name “triple threat” along with two other models who we believed would be the controllers of our top model charts in months following their debut in early 2014. Our badly timing prediction has proved us otherwise as two of the models are no longer active.


Blu Jess is the survivor that has proven herself to be stronger with greater abilities to capture the eyes of those who appreciates art at its finest form. She delivers astonishing poses to fulfill the imagination that leads readers into a world of fantasies. She has demonstrated her talent with such unique and we applaud her.


Jess absence from Internet Hollywood doesn’t actually mean she stopped modeling. When Prince Vega’s first models were recruited Internet Hollywood didn’t even exist. All publications were being done on until Internet Hollywood was completed from being under construction for 6 months. After the birth of the new home things became rather complicated to maintain as things became uncontrollable because of the lack of planning while expanding. In the mix of that celebrities silently pursued their careers elsewhere until we figured out how to properly manage everything.


Now that that time is over and things are expanding more controllably times couldn’t of been anymore greater for our originals members like Blu Jess to return. She has the history of our beginning genetics in her and she can always use that to her advantage to exceed major barriers that’ll help her progress in our universe. Truth be told, if she was represented at the beginning stages of Internet Hollywood she would have been one of the top three most powerful models in Internet Hollywood. Now that she has return the possibilities are now higher than ever before! The absolutely adorable featured image of Blu Jess was taken by Dastardly Dave Photography in The Studio of Photographic Arts (SOPHA).

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Dastardly Dave Photography

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