Ooh La La La: Model Tygeria Just Told Internet Hollywood Her Two Childhood Crushes

Topic Of The Week – Nevada model Tygeria has been absolutely on fire this year and nothing has been able to put this little flame out. She’s ranked the #1 model in Internet Hollywood, was featured in Internet Hollywood magazine, and she was nominated for an Arlene award for being the first model to win an Internet Hollywood contest. The model was also featured on page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 17 in the magazine.


So with that in mind, we just had to get deeper into Tygeria’s  past just to get an idea of the things that she’s into. Many Internet Hollywood sensations has been answering questions about their childhood crush and favorite television show growing up. After asking our cover girl, “Who was her childhood crush and what was her favorite show growing up?” Here’s what she said to me.


“Growing up I watched degrassi the 80s till now I still watch it. My celebrity crushes growing up was mainly Leonardo Dicaprio and LL Cool J. I didn’t crush on a ton of celebrities as a kid. When I grew up it became about men with guitars. Liked a ton of musicians.”

She also told us her adulthood crushes are Jared Leto, Ed sheeran, Lenny Kravitz and Prince. She shared that she has a thing for men who play guitars.


This gorgeous picture of Tygeria featured in this article was taken by Flight Deck Photography.


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