Patil Roupelian shares her “Lonely Heart” in two beautiful poems: “When your dreams try to break free but you’ve lost the key. When you fall on your knees with tears on your cheeks.”

Poems – New England actress Patil Roupelian has something beautiful to share and she would love for you all to read it. Roupelian sent me two of her poems yesterday afternoon after replying to a status I wrote that asked if anyone would like for me to share their art on After seeing Rouplian’s comment I messaged her then she sent me these pretty nice poems. Check them out!


This poem is titled “Lonely Heart”:


When your dreams try to break free but you’ve lost the key.

When you fall on your knees with tears on your cheeks

Trying to breath trying to find the will

Knowing you’ve waste your life trying to do right.

Following someone else’s dreams

Never asking what you need

Live a life filled with rules and safety

When all you want is to take risks and follow your own dreams

Even if you fall

Even if you cry

At least you’d know you tried







This Poem is titled “Breath”:


There’s so much more inside of you

There’s so much still to offer

There’s nothing you can’t conquer

Ask a little help if you need to

Ask for a little pamper

Just take the first step

Don’t stop, keep moving till the end

Don’t forget to live a little

Go and have an adventure

Make your dreams reality

Cause baby life is too short to live

Full of rules and uncertainty Just take the first step

I know sometimes you get scared

Wondering if you’re making a big mistake

Life is one giant playground

Sometimes you’ll fall and get hurt

And then you gotta get up on your own

Love life with no regret cause one life is all you’ll get.





Written by Patil Roupelian

(story behind the poem)


“There was a time where I felt lost and didn’t know who I was and what I wanted to do,” Roupelian told Internet Hollywood. “I got overwhelmed trying to listen to everyone’s opinion of what I should or shouldn’t be doing and many tried to crush my dreams. Many of whom were very important to me. These poems helped me remember that it is ok to stand up for myself and go after what I want regardless the odds against me. They helped me accept and embrace failure and take things one step at a time.”


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