Photographer Andrew Shanley on Donald Trump: “He’s More Of A Salesman Rather Than A Governing Person”

How Is Trump Doing? – Multiple Internet Hollywood sensations have giving been their thoughts on Donald Trump’s job as our commander and chief and they don’t seem to satisfied.


Like the world, Internet Hollywood is divided when it comes to political views so we try our best to share peoples thoughts without inciting tensions between sensations. One thing to learn from Internet Hollywood is we thrive off of helping each other achieve common goals to live a better life. We do not use sensitive topics like this to gain “hits” like most websites do.


During our small discussion, Shanley acknowledged the sensitive topic and swung a home run without taking sides. He told us many of his friends are fighting back and fourth on each side and that he’s having trouble gauging how good Donald Trump is doing.


I have so many friends who are fighting back and fourth on each side. It’s really hard to gauge what kind of job he’s doing. I think people recently have been polarized by the politics lately that we’ve become so divided over stuff.”

He continued:

I kinda feel like I wanna be Cyrus in “The Warriors” and say “CAN YOU DIG IT!!!” But I’ll get shot. As for the job he’s doing, I think the problem he’s facing is that he’s more of a salesman rather than a governing person. It’s a change for what he thinks he can do, and unfortunately he’s making a lot of mistakes along the way. He’s got to start working on uniting people rather than feeding into the division himself”


Shanley’s opinion may not be important to a lot of readers but it is to a lot of our sensations. The photographer has worked with dozens of Internet Hollywood models, including Prince Vega’s first model Isabel Vinson.


You could find a lot more about this amazing photographer by clicking the highlighted link below this article!


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