Photographer Brian Gallo discussed his holiday plans, Halloween being his birthday, haunted experiences, photo shoots, and more!

Topic of the Week (Halloween) – A lot of times I find myself with an overwhelming amount of work that sometimes makes me miss some stories that were supposed to be published and that is a feeling of hating myself I can’t take back. Thankfully, I never miss the chance to publish the stories as soon as I find them and that happens to be the case with this story as well.


Talented photographer Brian Gallo of CT Sirens was one of those amazing people that I interviewed that filled me in on what his plans were for Halloween. He also revealed to me that his birthday was on that day and that his stepdaughter had set up something really nice for him to celebrate. I had a great pleasure of interviewing Brian and I hope you enjoy reading our short discussion for the holiday that passed. Please keep in mind, this interview took place weeks before Halloween! Halloween is Internet Hollywood’s topic of the month until Monday, November 12th.




~*~*Interview /w Brian Gallo*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Welcome to the Internet Hollywood universe, Brian! I appreciate you taking time out of your busy day to fill us in on some of your holiday plans. Halloween is on its way and many people have been opening up to us about their plans for the holiday. What are some of the plans that you have going on for Halloween? Will you be dressing doing some costume dressing up as well?


Brian: I haven’t really decided yet if I am going to dress up yet. Usually, I still dress up as something and try to make it oddly different or interesting at least as well. As for plans, I am going to go with the kids from my family around my old neighborhood which is still filled with familiar friends and faces for trick or treating. And then after that, my stepdaughter invited us to her house for a late dinner and cake for my birthday which happens to be on Halloween.


Internet Hollywood We all pretty much know that around this time of year many photographers like to put their cameras to work to capture great holiday photos. What kind of theme would you like to do for the holiday and will we get a chance to see photos from a Halloween shoot come from you this year?


Brian: I actually just did a shoot today with a newer face to the modeling scene, Hillary! She is an amazing girl and I am so glad to know her. With the help of some friends, a wooden rope swing was made and hung in the woods with an old rock tower behind it! I can’t wait to edit this set!


Internet Hollywood: What are some of your favorite horror movies to watch and is there a movie that you wouldn’t watch because it was too scary for you?


Brian: I was always a huge fan of the horror genre. I also always read horror-themed books as well. My all-time favorite still is the original Amityville Horror! I am such a fan that my next tat planned will be the of the original house. I am still trying to decide exactly how I want it.


Internet Hollywood: Have you ever went through a haunted experience in the past?


Brian: I am a full believer in ghosts and have had several moments that just cannot be explained. I spent many hours inside The Sterling Opera House in Derby, CT with so many unexplained things that happened. I can’t talk all day about that place. There was incident inside the Kellog’s Estate Museum in Derby, CT where the bell for the maid’s call went off and no one was upstairs to press it. And as far back as being just out of high school, my ex girlfriend was putting clothes away in her bedroom and a voice called out her name in a loud whisper. No one else was home.


Internet Hollywood: Last question, what are some of your favorite type of foods and candies to eat around this time of year and what kind of advice could you offer parents that’s deciding to take their kids trick or treating this year?


Brian: I am a fan of the Twizzler sticks, Nerds, and Kitkats all day! And the best advice to give is just to have fun! Over the years watching my daughters grow up and experience Halloween has created so many memories! Go with a fun group and just dress up and have fun with everyone!


Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much for the interview, Brian!


~*~*Thank you for reading*~*~



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