Photographer Catherine Hodges braces her camera for the Internet Hollywood fashion show in Massachusetts on July 1st!

Internet Hollywood Party – Independent Massachusetts photographer Catherine Hodges has volunteered to be a photographer at Internet Hollywood’s first fashion show on July 1st and we are expecting some of the best shots from her once she’s in attendance. I have been a fan of Hodges work for some time and to hear she wants to come to her very first Internet Hollywood party to take pictures is pretty exciting to me. I accepted her offer in a heartbeat and waited for the right time to share this exciting news with everyone!


Hodges will be one of a couple photographers that will be chosen to capture the magic behind the scenes and during the walk. The crowd behind the scenes includes 5 designers, 30 models, 10 makeup artists and 10 hairstylists. The names of everyone involved is being revealed by each week and will continue to be revealed from now until the day of the event.


Hodges was recently interviewed by me earlier this month and successfully made front page news on Internet Hollywood for the very first time shortly after. She clued me in on all of her passion behind the photographer, upcoming projects, her “go-to” camera and more. You could check out the interview by typing her name into the search engine on our main page.


The event is set to take place in Natick, Massachusetts on July 1st. I look forward to seeing Catherine Hodges in attendance!


~*~*Credits & Links*~*~

Catherine Hodges: Instagram – Website

Photographer: JS O’Connor Photography


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