Photographer Catherine Hodges is excited for the IH Party: “I think it’s a great chance to meet new people, network, and get to have a lot of fun….”

(IH Live Access) – The Internet Hollywood Fashion Show has been the talk of the Internet Hollywood universe and many more names are beginning to pop up on our headlines after confirming their appearances for the special night. I’ve talked to many talented that expressed their thoughts about attending the show and it has put me on a path to find out everyone else thoughts as the time gets closer.


Photographer Catherine Hodges has volunteered to be a photographer for the event after and I gladly accepted her offer. I first interviewed Catherine in early March and got the inside scoop on what made her get into photography, the camera she uses and much more. It was definitely nice to catch up with her again now that the show is closer!


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Internet Hollywood Party: Good morning Catherine! The Internet Hollywood party is closer than we ever could imagine and the conversation is only getting bigger and bigger as the day approaches. So much breaking news on the appearances of independent talent all over New England has been rocking the Internet Hollywood universe. You will also be making an appearance as a voluntary photographer to the event. Have you been seeing all the promotion surrounding the event and are you excited to be apart of it?


Catherine: Hey Justin! I am seeing all the hard work you are putting into this show, and it’s truly awesome. I’m really excited to come and get to be part of such an awesome event!


Internet Hollywood Party: You’re a very talented photographer that nobody could deny has the skills that put you on a higher level from the average photographer. It will be a great pleasure seeing you bring that talent to our event. What are some moments you are hoping to capture on the day of the event?


Catherine: Thank you! I’m very flattered. I am really hoping to capture the magic of the event. I look forward to capturing some awesome runway photos, but also new talent! Being newer to the industry myself, I know how important it can feel to be recognized. Also, the feel of the crowd and the love for the art.


Internet Hollywood Party: A couple of the models attending the event expressed that their nervous about the show as the date gets closer. Would you like to share any advice with them to help them feel better about making an appearance?


Catherine: Just be yourself! There’s nothing more beautiful than someone who is confident in themselves.


Internet Hollywood Party: What made you want to volunteer to be a photographer for this event and what kind of music would you like to hear from the DJ


Catherine: I wanted to volunteer to photograph because I know this is a special event that a lot of hard work has gone into. I think it’s a great chance to meet new people, network, and get to have a lot of fun doing something you love. As for music, anything but country and cheesy pop songs.


Internet Hollywood: When this night is over and everyone gets a chance to see your pictures from the event what kind of reaction are you hoping to get from them and what are you hoping to gain from all of this in the end?


Catherine: Well, I hope everyone loves the photos and wants to share them! I would love the opportunity to get to make new connections, and like I said before, just getting to be part of the event is very exciting to me.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Catherine!


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Catherine Hodges: Instagram – Website

Photographer: JS O’Connor Photography


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