Photographer Catherine Hodges puts her camera to work in her first photo shoot with actress Ileana Carranza!

Photo Shoots – Now many people aren’t aware of a lot of things that be happening in the independent world so we give each news story we cover about three months before considering it old news. This is a cycle we follow here at Internet Hollywood when it comes to stories on things like photo shoots. It gives the artist time to get recognized for some of their older work even after they release new content. That’s kind of the case here with this story.


Connecticut photographer Catherine Hodges is back on our front page after I did a little snooping around and found photos shoot she did with Massachusetts actress Ileana Carranza. I remember passing these photos in the past but I didn’t publish it around that time and I’m clueless on why I haven’t. Catherine was one of the eyes in the sky that brought magic to the Internet Hollywood fashion show and she deserves all of the coverage she could get for being the incredibly talented and sweet person that she is.


Now I came across these photos again on Instagram when I was taking a stroll through Ileana’s page and the urge inside me kinda drove me to writing this story. Ileana has been keeping herself focused on her work life and acting but pushed modeling to the back since it was never her goal to be a model to begin with. Ileana’s focus has always been on getting herself deeper into the acting field.


There appears to only be two photos from this shoot but it’s worth checking out to those who would expect more. These two females are really hard workers who I plan on writing about a lot more as we reach a brand new year with new memories to build. Ileana was also one of the models that walked in the Internet Hollywood Fashion Show in July. You could check out their pages by clicking the highlighted links below!




Ileana Carranza: Instagram

Catherine Hodges: Instagram – Website

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