Photographer Charrita Attends The 2014 BET Hip-Hop Awards – And Sends Us Exclusive Photos!

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Internet Hollywood Celebrity Charrita continues to find her way into our headlines with her latest updates. The young headlining beauty recently updated the world on her latest shoot at the BET “Hip Hop Awards” three days ago on Facebook. The pictures released to the public speaks for themselves when judging how close the adorable photographer was to the stars. The photos she captured shows Wiz Khalifa putting it down with a smile while the others stood behind. The information involving the type of beat the artists used to spit their verses continues to be unknown at this time. We did get information from a source that found Loaded Lux verse the best out of all the rappers involved inside of this year’s cypher. The incredible images captured by this editing genius shows exactly why Charrita is highly praised for her amazing work in Internet Hollywood. Her services is worth every penny and we recommend everyone that needs a photographer to check out her amazing work. We will keep you all updated on the latest photos as it becomes available to us! Charrita and her current boyfriend U.T.K was recently ranked Internet Hollywood’s most powerful couple after winning the greater majority of our committee votes!


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