Photographer Charrita Is Creating New Stars – And It’s All Caught On Camera

charrita newwwww

Charrita has repeatedly opened our hearts with inspirational work that’s opened up our mind, body and soul. The beautiful images she creates out of a flashing camera begins the journey through the wonders inside our lives that sets us free. We envision the life of others from outside while staring inside the photos she share from recent photo shoots. Who could deny the pieces of art found throughout her astonishing work? Her ability to visualize while aligning her lens to focus captures the imagination we only could dream of. Her powerful work is highly recognized by those that understands the meaning behind her perfect talent.  The professional photographer and graphic designer finds her passion through creativity and is expressing her messages through the powerful photographs she shares. Charrita is a young graduate from Cal State Dominguez Hills that took up television arts and also a minor in digital graphics. She continues to globally expand her knowledge with her experience while building her base for what she loves doing most. Charrita is a growing celebrity headlining in our Internet Hollywood universe. She’s quickly made a name for herself in the entertainment business and Internet Hollywood. Her work defines the pulse that beats the drum pumping the energy that races through her when she shoots amazing photos. She’s proven herself to be a walking miracle sharing her essence with a world she holds by her palms. Prince Vega has described Charrita as a “sacred bloom” when referring to the love she puts into the work she creates with photography. The musician repeatedly stated Charrita has a sacred talent that blossoms through the body of our subconscious minds when we are awake. Prince Vega also added that he’s been blown away at Charrita’s talent ever since he found out she was into photography! Charrita is open for business to those willing to pay for her absolutely amazing services. We welcome our beautiful Charrita to the Internet Hollywood universe and we are excited to report on all the amazing work she does!


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