Photographer Charrita Nelson Slams Donald Trump, Says She’s Voting To Vote Against Him


Prince Vega – Charrita Nelson isn’t convinced that either candidate will be a good leader as commander in chief of the United States. The extremely talented photographer expressed her views on the last couple of debates and even credited Donald Trump for making good points, even though she doesn’t plan on voting for him.

“Honestly I’m not too convinced that either one should get the vote,” she said. “I watched a few of the debates but as much as I’m against Trump, Hilary isn’t too convincing. I would just be voting to vote against Trump. He doesn’t have MY best interest at heart at all. He’s so angry. He had a few good points within his debate but i feel if he wins the country would be ran by a mad man.”

On Hillary Clinton:

“Hilary just doesn’t seem like a strong person…more like a messenger to me. Although i could be very wrong, I just don’t get the “leader” feeling from her. I know people change and have different feelings about certain things as the years go by, but everything she says now is completely different from what was said years ago and that jus tells me we can’t trust her. It would be great to have a woman president, but i’m not proud to vote for either one.”

Nelson isn’t the only celebrity in Internet Hollywood choosing to back Hillary Clinton to avoid Donald Trump. Models Gloria Conroy and Emilia Caroline recently endorsed Hillary Clinton because they also felt the Republican Party nominee was a mad man.


Charrita is considered a powerhouse in Internet Hollywood. She’s the only female photographer that has been featured on Internet Hollywood’s front page seven times. She will make her official debut on Internet Hollywood’s top celebrity chart in December.

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