Photographer Chris Addams talks plans to launch an abandoned building nude series, photography tutorials on Youtube, dodging negative criticism and more

Beyond The Lens – Massachusetts photographer Chris Addams is giving us the inside scoop on some of his future projects that’s in the works and more. Addams is a really chill photographer that I haven’t known for too long but he is very known among a lot of upcoming models and photographers in the New England area. It would be pretty stupid of me to not write about him.


After getting the link to his fan page on a status I wrote requesting that upcoming talent post their pages. I messaged him and many others and asked for a 5-question interview. My ultimate goal was to get as many talented people as I could published on our website before the weekend was over.


In the interview I dug a little to find the source to his passion for photography, handling negative critics, copyright infringement and more. Enjoy!


Internet Hollywood: Hey Chris! It’s always interesting to get the views of a talented photographer that has done so much work over the years. I look forward to hearing your answers. To start off, could you please explain to our readers who you are and what it is that you do?


Addams: I’m a freelance photographer based in western Massachusetts and I travel with my very talented assistant, Rosaliea Sebastino, throughout New England and eastern New York photographing nude models in abandoned locations.


Photo from Chris Addams shoot with Rosaliea Sebastino

Internet Hollywood: What is it about photography that makes you want to do it continuously?


Addams: I got started in photography when I was just a kid since there weren’t many people in my area to spend time with. My dad used to sit me in front of the TV while Indiana Jones was on, so that quickly fueld my thirst for adventure. I avoid shooting in studios at all costs and instead search out beautiful abandoned locations to work in. It’s the mystery and slight bit of danger that keep things interesting. We try to make every shoot an adventure and something to remember.


Internet Hollywood: How do you prevent people from hijacking your art and making a profit out of it?


Adams: Thanks to a wonderful lawyer and the fact that I censor and watermark everything, I’ve kept the hijacking to a minimum. A photography company actually stole a photo of the moon I captured in 2007, but we successfully won the suit for that pretty easily. I ended up using the funds to open my photography studio shortly after, so it was a massive silver lining to that cloud. Aside from one or two former clients we that were printing and selling our images without permission, we really haven’t had many issues with it, thankfully.


Internet Hollywood: How do you handle negative comments about photo shoots you have done that is available for the public to see?


Adams: Honestly, I can’t recall anything more than one or two off-color remarks that were almost instantly met with a hilarious barrage of replies from fans of my work. I’ve received overwhelming support over the years from the incredible people I’ve been able to work with and I can’t begin to express how thankful I am for them. The models I’ve worked with also have a great support base of their own and fans of our work really seem to enjoy the artistic aspects of what we do with our shoots. As the saying goes – you can’t please everyone – but luckily, we’re not out to please everyone!


Internet Hollywood: What’s in store for Chris Addams Photography in the future?


Addams: In the very near future, I’m launching my abandoned building nude series, Angels in Ashes. The first book alone has over 25 models along with bios and behind the scenes facts about the shoots. It’s a highly detailed project I’ve been perfecting since 2007, so I’m excited to finally launch it. After that, I plan to release a book every year along with a YouTube series of behind the scenes and photography tutorial videos. With how busy we’ve been traveling and shooting, it feels like there’s no end in sight!


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview Chris!


I’m definitely looking forward to writing more stories about his work in the near future. Many models I wrote about in the past confessed to being fans of his work and have shown me photos from their shoot. I definitely applaud his work and will continue to look forward for more in the future!


~*~*Check out more of Chris Addam’s amazing work below*~*~

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