Photographer Constantine Manos links up with JJ Frank in New Hampshire and does an awesome photo shoot!

Photo Shoots  – Rhode Island photographer Constantine Manos is always getting busy with his camera and i find great pride in writing about a couple of photoshoots he has done whenever I do have time to write about it. Since I been writing about a lot of the photo shoots that’s been occurring in New England, I figured writing about Constantine would be pretty fun since I have done it plenty of times before.


I recently received the rest of the photoshoot pictures by JJ Frank through messenger about a day after I requested it from Constantine. Once I received the photos I took the steps I needed to slowly prepare this story. I asked for little details on the photo shoot and found out the small boudoir session was done at the Double Tree Hotel in Nashua, New Hampshire. She revealed her and her friend Kristi, a model, was suppose to attend a group shoot in New Hampshire but it was canceled due to rain. That’s when the photo shoot with Constantine came about.


I was sent about 10 photos from the photo shoot and I choose some of them to share with you in this story. You could check out some more of their work by clicking the highlighted links next to their names below.


Constantine Manos has been a hot topic on internet Hollywood more than a couple of times in the past. The photographer name has appeared on our front page headlines on Internet Hollywood 13 times in total. He has contributed to some of the most amazing memories in Internet Hollywood including two Internet Hollywood parties. He is currently one of the most published photographers in Internet Hollywood.



Model JJ Frank | Model Kristi Ann
Model Kristi Ann & JJ Frank


Constantine Photos: Facebook – Instagram

Jessie: Instagram

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