Photographer Constantine Manos will be attending the Internet Hollywood Magazine & Dance Party in Manchester, CT on August 19th!

Coming Up – Photographer Constantine Manos will be locked and loaded on the night of the Internet Hollywood Magazine & Dance Party at Parkade Cinemas & Entertainment. The photographer has been pretty involved in some of the background discussions about party that will include three areas for photographers to do photo shoots with models. He has been a helping hand that has offered to lend his support to us if we need it. That’s one of the awesome things that comes with meeting great people.


Manos was an active photographer in our last event back in April. The photographer took dozens of amazing pictures and gave me access to see all of them. You could also find some of them by browsing through Internet Hollywood’s search engines and checking out some articles Manos was featured in in the past. I loved his collection photos and do plan on sharing more of those photos with you all in the near future.


I’m definitely excited to see Constantine Manos in August. Since his debut back in March, he has been published in Internet Hollywood 10 times. If he continues to get published at the rate that he is now in Internet Hollywood he will become one of the leaders in publications among male photographers.


Tickets to our movie theater party in August is currently on sale now. The networking event will include photo shoots, a casting call, live performances, live interviews /w reporters, giveaways, a bar, a dj, hot food and more.



~*~*Links & Credits*~*~

Constantine Manos: FacebookInstagram

Photographer: Johannie Valdez 


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