Photographer Cren Lee puts his camera to work in his new photo shoot with Massachusetts model Nanishka

Cren Lee is keeping the summer hot with his camera and has been shooting models in the Massachusetts area all year. Cren has been extremely active on his Instagram with new content from photo shoots and just recently shared photos from a shoot he did with an independent Springfield model name Nanishka. I saw the photo circulating down my news feed after Nanishka shared them on her new Instagram account. After seeing Cren Lee share pictures from the shoot,  I definitely wanted to write a story about it.


The photo shows the upcoming model and a really nice black outfit getting her pose on in some really nice high heels. Her beautiful hair was straightened and it dangled across her shoulders freely and made her look like pure royalty. Cren’s eye didn’t miss the prize and kept the focus on the right shots in different angles that made this photo shoot even more cooler. There are a lot of great shots from this photo shoot that could be found on either of their pages.


Cren Lee has been someone I have been following for quite some time so I know a little something about his work ethic and I see how hard he works and everything is on pages to prove it. It was through him I heard of Nanishka and later interviewed her. Cren lee and his shop Ethic Beauty Supply made front page news on Internet Hollywood five times and Nanishka did twice. Great job to you both!


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