Photographer David West Of Born Imagery Discuss New Photoshoot With Massachusetts Model Erika Lynn

Interviews – Massachusetts photographer David West just recently wrapped up a shoot with one of Internet Hollywood’s newest models Erika Lynn. The Massachusetts model informed us about an upcoming shoot with David West before we got in contact with him to get the holly scoop on the shoot. Although West’s busy night delayed our interview to the next day, the photographer gave us all we were asking for and answered everyone of our questions.


Internet Hollywood: David West I must say (on record) that you are extremely talented at what you do and I’m honestly a new fan of your work. I recently heard you have an upcoming shoot with Massachusetts model Erika Lynn. Lynn is a new sensation on Internet Hollywood that has been published on Internet Hollywood three times this year. She is also featured in Internet Hollywood magazine. I was wondering if you could give the Internet Hollywood universe some information on this shoot? What kind of shoot is it? What made you want to work with Erika Lynn?

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West: Thanks for reaching out and for the words of encouragement. I connected with Erika several months ago on Facebook after admiring her work for some time and felt that there was something unique about her look and style so I reached out to her requesting a fashion shoot. I was super psyched when she informed me that she had invited stylist Shanise De Silva to handle all the details because Shanise and I had recently discussed collaborating on a project. The focus will be a few sets of fashion with maybe a sexy look or two wrapping things up. I’m excited to work with this team and will share more details following the shoot. Cheers

Internet Hollywood: Erika Lynn has always been a fun girl! How long was the shoot and how many photos from it do you think will get released to the public?

West: The session was a couple hours and I expect I’ll release up to 10 images.

We also thought it would’ve been a perfect time to slide in the fact that Erika Lynn loves music. It’s nearly impossible to browse through any of the models social media pages without seeing something related to music.


Internet Hollywood: Did you get a chance to find out how much of a music lover Erika Lynn is?
West: Not entirely but we touched on it. I’d love to learn more.
Internet Hollywood: Are there any other models you would like to work with in the future that you haven’t worked with before?
West: I’ve been so fortunate to work with so many IH models over the past year and there are a few that I’d still love to collaborate with such as Hayley Cartwright and Isabella Moretti. There are so many wonderful people I have yet to meet and I look forward to what 2017 has in store for me.
Internet Hollywood: Hayley Cartwright and Isabella Moretti are definitely hot topics in Internet Hollywood right now. Thanks for the wonderful interview. I look forward to seeing more of your amazing work in Internet Hollywood in the future!
West: Cheers and thanks for checking in.
West was recently added to Internet Hollywood’s list of sensations earlier this week alongside of dozens of new talented individuals from all over the world. Those list of sensations also includes recruits added from the United, States, United Kingdom, Colombia, Canada and Brazil.

Erika Lynn is one of those newer models who has been published on Internet Hollywood three times last month. This story marks her fourth publication and West’s first.  This is Shanise De Silva’s first time being mentioned in a published story in Internet Hollywood. She was the incredible talent that provided the wardrobe for Erika Lynn in this shoot. She has also did stylist work for one of Internet Hollywood’s newest Massachusetts sensation Dasia Lewis.
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