Photographer David Westlake sets off the flames in his latest photo shoot with models Isabel Vinson and Brysten Moss!

Photo Shoots – Connecticut photographer David Westlake had his camera locked in loaded during a photo shoot he did with independent Vermont model Isabel Vinson and independent Connecticut model Brysten Bug. The photographer filled me in with all of the small details I needed about the photo shoot and send me some of the great photos he took of both of the models, with and without color.


I shared some incredible photos David Westlake took on his vacation last year on the website and all of our social media platforms. If you search his name in our engines you’ll see exactly why I like keeping tabs on what David is doing. He has been a very supportive person and it was an honor having him at my very first party. Here’s what he said about the photo shoot:

“These images were shot in October in Bellows Falls, VT. It was organized by Isabel Vinson. The location was the Carriage House, there were a lot of old cars and carriages. The saloon girl images were shot with my Canon 7D and converted to B&W. A”

He continued:

“As things were wrapping up Brysten was sitting in the window. I had a roll of film in my Hasselblad and I started shooting. I used a fill flash ti match the daylight in the scene behind their.”

I appreciate David taking the time to send me the photos from this shoot. I been working on covering more news in the photography section and this definitely helps me kick things in gear. I attached a couple of the photo shoots for you all to check out below. Feel free to follow their pages by clicking the links highlighted next to their pages!



David Westlake: Instagram

Ballistic Bug: Instagram

Isabel Vinson: Facebook – Instagram

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