Photographer & Designer Katrina Kelly: “Love the song! Upbeat and the lyrics are amazing!!”

Feedback / Vega – Connecticut photographer & designer Katrina Kelly took the time out of one of her busy days to show love to one of Internet Hollywood Vega’s newest songs from his latest mixtape ‘Internet Hollywood Radio Part. 1’ that is set to come out in November. She posted a comment expressing how she felt about the song in the comment section on YouTube:



“Love the song! Upbeat and the lyrics are amazing!! Looking forward to the next song you release!!”


Katrina Kelly isn’t the only one that publicly dropped a comment on the new single. Independent models Mia Dolly, Miss Beautiful Chaos, Lucy Starlight, Hayley Grant also left a comment, alongside many others. You could check out Katrina’s page by clicking the highlighted link next to her name below.



Katrina Kelly Designs: Instagram

Photographer: Jeff Kelly


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