Photographer James Futrell talks about childhood traditions on Halloween, Freddy Kruger frightening him, not believing in ghost, and more!

Topic of the Week (Halloween) – Connecticut photographer James Futrell of Strictly Digital Photography filled me in on all of his plans for Halloween and I finally have all of his answers to share with you. The photographer participated in our hot topic discussion about Halloween after accepting an invitation I offered him over messenger. I dug a little into his past frightening experiences with horror movies, whether he been through haunted experiences, costumes, and more. Enjoy the short interview!


~*Interview /w James Futrell*~


Internet Hollywood: Hey James! Thank you for joining in on our hot topic this week. I wasn’t going to make Halloween a discussion but after seeing Gotham on Netflix it kinda inspired me to. LOL. I have been enjoying the stories I have been getting so far. How has your Halloween plans been going? Will you be putting on a costume as well?


James: I usually walk around the neighborhood with my kids…at least one neighbor puts together a little get together for all the kids in the area. I don’t usually wear a costume.


Internet Hollywood: What are some traditional meals you cook around the fall time and what treats were your favorite to get when you trick or treated in your childhood days?


James: We invite some friends over and put together traditional meals from our place of origin (most of our friends are Russian or from Belarus..always loved chocolate.


Internet Hollywood: What are some of your favorite horror movies to watch and what movie and character would you say was the most frightening?


James: As a kid, the scariest movie for me was House in the Hunted Hill (Quite funny now) But scary as a kid. Freddy Kruger is probably the most frightening now I suppose.


Internet Hollywood: Have you ever been through a haunted experience or experienced anything out of the ordinary from your everyday live?


James: No nothing really haunting. Don’t believe much in ghosts or that sort of stuff!


Internet Hollywood: last question; Are you planning on doing a Halloween photoshoot this year?


James: Not planning on doing a Halloween shoot this year, everyone seems to go for some sort of bloody look, not my cup of tea!


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, James! I hope you have a great Halloween!


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