Photographer Jason Barbieri kicks off 2019 with a new photo shoot with CC Marie!

Photographer Jason Barbieri has an excellent collection of photos from shoots he has done in the past and one of his recent ones included independent Connecticut model CC Marie. The photo caught my attention while I was browsing through my friend list on Facebook in search of more news to write about on the website.

After realizing the photo was from a shoot, I got in touch with CC Marie to get the thumbs up on doing a story about it and she got the permission from Jason. CC Marie also sent me another photo from the shoot to add to the story and gave me some background story on how the photo shoot came together.

“It was at the white on white group shoot at PFP Studios in Springfield. It was my first group shoot since having Lyme. So little slow at first but I was happy to get back into shooting. The shoot was from 10am-3pm. But I was only there for a few hours. It was really wonderful catching up with Isabel, Manny, Melissa, Taylor, Mandi, Holly, and others. Happy to see friends I haven’t seen in a while and shoot with Jason again. I shot with him at my first group shoot and he is so talented.”

This isn’t the first time CC Marie has caught our attention as an independent model. She also attended an Internet Hollywood event in August 2017. You could check out more of Ciarra and Jason’s work by going to their pages by clicking the highlighted links next to their names below.



C.C. Marie: Instagram – Facebook

Jason Barbieri: Instagram

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