Photographer Jessica Jackson discusses photography, doing underwater shoots, her website, main goals, and more!

Beyond The Lens – Independent Massachusetts photographer Jessica Jackson spoke on a lot of things in an interview we did over the summer. I reached out to the photographer over messenger and asked if she would be interested in doing the interview and she said yes. After getting the green light I sent over some questions for her to answer and waited for the photographer to fill me in with the final details before putting out the interview. Although it took some time, we were able to finish up the interview and put it out. I hope you enjoy reading it!



~*~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Jessica Jackson*~*~*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s up Jessica?! Welcome to the Internet Hollywood universe. I never get tired of interviewing new faces and learning about their backgrounds. Although work could get overwhelming at times, it’s always worth it in the end. I’m excited to hear your answers to my questions. When did your love for photography begin and what were some of the first few steps you took to get started?



Jessica: I started using a camera at an early age. My mother taught me how to set up a shot and how to make the best of our money when it came to making pictures. I really wish we had the technology of today and the ease of capturing memories more affordably. Back in middle school in 1995 I had set photo shoots with my friends where we would pick clothing do our hair etc and pose. Looking back I never thought I would do this as a career and it’s funny how thing just works out!



Internet Hollywood: Photography may seem easy to newbies but real photographers tend to know the difference. I’m sure it takes more than just taking a picture that just looks good. As you learned how to do photography what did you discover about taking pictures that many beginners don’t know?



Jessica: I began modeling years ago and fell in love with editing. It was something about making a dull photo something extra special with just a little pop! I learned from as many photographers I could and worked with a lot of students from Hallmark in Montague MA. After I learned photoshop 101 I moved forward to buy a beginner camera and did amazing work with my Nikon D5000. The trick is to learn how to properly expose and color your photographs so that what you produce is as close to what you saw as you possibly can. After you learn the basics the possibilities are endless!



Internet Hollywood: On your page, you have wonderful photos of models, families, newlyweds and more. What are some of your favorite things to take pictures of and do you see yourself doing more of that this year other than the other things?



Jessica: I enjoy ALL types of photography and I refuse to limit myself when there is so much you can do if you work hard and learn. I really love creative beauty and boudoir shots. I specialize in women and also work as a hairdresser and makeup artist. Most of my sessions are not only photographed by me but I style the shoot and do the beauty! I love making all people feel and empowered by delivering quality photographs they can feel good about! So I plan to do some outdoor boudoir sessions now that it is nice out and I look forward to making boudoir a little more interesting than women in white sheets!



Internet Hollywood: What are you hoping to gain on your journey as a photographer and is there a main goal that you wish to fulfill that defines the moment you conquer your dreams?



Jessica: I am learning to juggle work with fun. It is super important to keep yourself refreshed so you can be at the top of your game when it comes to creativity and drive! My dream is to continue to learn, grow and expand so I am able to travel and work with people all around the world! I have so many ideas and not enough faces. I also am hoping to work with a lot of new talent this year and collaborate on some inspirational artwork.



Internet Hollywood: You also have a website for your photos. Do you plan on taking it a step further by doing your own magazines, calendars, or something else related to expanding your photography work?



Jessica: I am right now having a new logo designed and am working on updating my website with new work. I have a new venture I will be announcing in the next couple of months and I am super excited. It will help me to stand apart from the crowd and it is something I have wanted to do for a long time!!! With all of this and my summer weddings, I have my hands full for sure!



Internet Hollywood: Are you currently working on anything right now?



Jessica: Besides working long hours on editing wedding photos, I am adding to my studio and props. I have some great unique pieces and backdrops I am excited to photograph. I will also be shooting underwater photography now that my studio pool has hit 81 degrees! I put a lot of work on making it functional and beautiful just for the season and am looking forward to shooting the mermaids!



Internet Hollywood: Last question; do you plan on branching off into other things other than photography in the future or is this something you always want to do in your lifetime?



Jessica: Again I have big announcements coming in terms of what I offer as professional services. I will be offering video, 360 footage and slideshows as a start. With all of the new technology as a one-woman show, I can only do so much myself lol. So with that being said I also am offering some apprenticeship and assistant opportunities as I expand my business. I look forward to meeting a lot of new people and look forward to creating some beautiful images!



Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Jessica!




~*~*Thank you for reading*~*~


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The photo was taken by Jessica Jackson

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