Photographer Karl Jacobson talks about his second Internet Hollywood party appearance on Nov. 16th, doing photo shoots, and more!

Interviews / IH Party – Massachusetts photographer Karl Jacobson will be attending the Internet Hollywood Birthday Bash in South Windsor, CT on November 16th! The photographer confirmed his appearance last month and has always shown a great deal of support to Internet Hollywood and event chipped in his own assistance for this upcoming event as well. I caught up with the photographer to ask a very few questions about his second appearance to the Internet Hollywood universe and what should we expect from him leading up to it. Enjoy the interview!



~*~*Interview /w Karl Jacobson*~*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s up Karl?! The countdown is on for the Internet Hollywood party and you are one of the talented people that will be making an appearance at the party. What made you decide that you wanted to make your second appearance and will you be doing photo shoots that evening?


Karl: I decided to come to the party because not only is a fun time, but the opportunity to network with other photographers and models is excellent.


Internet Hollywood: One of the discussions we’ve been having is the type of music that’s going to get played. What kind of music would you like to hear through the evening and do you see yourself bussing a dance as well? LOL.


Karl: I like reggae music at these parties. Yes, you might see me getting down.


Internet Hollywood: The food selection is another thing that’s being discussed. What kind of things would you like to see being served that night?


Karl: I don’t have any particular requests for food type. Pizza was fine last time.


Internet Hollywood: What are you hoping to accomplish throughout the night and do you feel Internet Hollywood should continue to throw events?


Karl: I am hoping to network and take a handful of beautiful portraits of each model. Yes, continue to hold these events.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Karl. It’s definitely going to be awesome seeing you again!




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