Photographer Lauren Farrington whipped up 6 mini pumpkin pies and a cherry pie on Thanksgiving!

Topic of the Week (Thanksgiving) – Since this is our final post about Thanksgiving before we move on to Christmas I decided to make this one about a very great person that is also a talented photographer named Lauren Farrington. While browsing the net around Thanksgiving I came across a lot of pictures and published many stories about people that were putting work in the kitchen to celebrate for the holiday gathering that is a known American tradition.


While browsing the web I saw that Lauren Farrington also put some work in the kitchen after seeing some of the photos she photos about some delicious looking pies she had made. I got in contact with the photographer to find out more about her Thanksgiving celebration for Internet Hollywood and she happily filled me in.


“I did the baking but my father cooked dinner. My partner Domini and I visited their family in the afternoon and then had dinner with my dad at home. It’s always a really laid back holiday in my family. What I took photos of was my baking efforts, a pumpkin loaf I whipped up after having so much leftover pumpkin pie filling, a pull-apart pie consisting of bites of cherry, apple, and pumpkin, a small cherry pie made with leftover cherry filling, and 6 mini pumpkin pies. It all came out pretty delicious I’m happy to say lol.”

She continued:


“The baking ended up taking me about 2-3 hours, making the pull-apart pie was a lot of work, making small circles of pie dough and filling it with only small amounts of filling and putting them all together in one pan, but after that, the other pies were easy to assemble.”


I attached the photos I have seen to the bottom so you all could check them out. She definitely knows how to put in that work when it comes to cheffing up in the kitchen!




Lauren Farrington: Facebook – Instagram

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