Photographer Lilia Valerie works her magic in model Medina Seidova’s first bathing suit photo shoot!

Photo Shoots – Photographer Lilia Valerie had her mind open for clever ideas she came up with during her photo shoot with independent model Medina Seidova. I recently got a bunch of pictures that they did from their shoot from Medina who was interested in me writing up a story about it. I meant to write about this before the party but didn’t really have the chance until now. So I figured, why the hell not?


Medina explained how she’s very shy and she only trusts a few people when it comes to taking her photos and doing things like bodysuits. She said Lilia Valerie made her calm and handled things patiently with her. She also confessed to loving the outcome of the shoot and is thinking about doing it in a bodysuit again.


She also mentioned how exciting it was that both of them came from different countries – Ukraine and Turkmenistan – and that shoot was the first one she did in a bodysuit. Congratulations to the both of them on pulling off this incredible shoot.


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Medina Seidova: Instagram

Lilia Valarie: Instagram

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