Photographer Mark Johnson and Model Christine Martin beat the stormy weather to do an amazing photo shoot

Photo Shoots – Massachusetts photographer Mark Johnson is back at it again with his camera and these photos from his photo shoot with independent Rhode Island model Christine Martin are stunning! I became aware of the photo shoot after noticing the difference in Christine’s profile picture. I also felt like it’s been a little while since we chopped it up in a conversation, so I thought it would be cool to ask her about it. That’s when she revealed to me that it was a picture from her photo shoot with Mark. After that I let Mark know that I was telling Christine how I wanted to write about the photo shoot. So now here I am. lol.


I can’t go deep into details of the photo shoot since I wasn’t there but Christine shared a video of the photo shoot on her channel and I think everyone should check it out. The photo shoot happened at the Mystic Village in Mystic, CT and it was about two hours long on a day on a stormy day. She said her and Mark knew the day would bring good lighting and they managed to beat the storm to do the photo shoot as well.


Christine sent me a whole lot of pictures from the shoot and I took the time out to select the ones I wanted to share on the website and I hope you enjoy seeing them. You could follow Mark and Christine by clicking the highlighted links next to their names below.


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Mark Johnson Photography: Facebook – Instagram 

Christine Martin: InstagramFacebook

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