Photographer Mark Johnson discuss future projects, his favorite place to do photo shoots, models he’d like to work with, the era of photoshop and more

Beyond The Lens – Connecticut photographer Mark Johnson has chosen to open up to our questions in a recent nine question interview we did last week for I had great pleasure in interviewing the photographer and digging deeper into his life beyond the lens to give our readers a more deeper look into Mark Johnson by his own words.

In the interview, we talked about his influences that lead into him getting into photography, his favorite places to do photo shoots, future projects, his other talent besides photography, who he would like to work with and more. This interview definitely gives me a better understanding of Mark Johnson, as a person and a photographer. I hope it does the same for you. Enjoy reading the interview below!

~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Mark Johnson*~*~

Internet Hollywood: Hey Mark! It’s definitely a pleasure to be interviewing you finally. I see your work often and I do consider myself a fan. I have lined up a few questions for you to answer and I can’t wait to see your response. I feel your work has proven itself to be a masterpiece. What made you want to get into photography and stick with it like you have done so far?


Johnson: Originally for art and expression. I stick with it because it feeds my eclectic tendencies.


Internet Hollywood: Has there ever been times you felt photography wasn’t something you wanted to continue? What other hobbies would pop up if that thought ever came to mind?


Johnson: Never. I’ve been involved in the photographic industry for over 30 years and will keep on creating images as long as I can lift a camera.


Internet Hollywood: Is having the right kind of camera important now that photo shop is being used? It seems like technology is making a lot of things easier to do.


Johnson: A good piece of glass is most important. I’ll take a 10 year old camera with a fast prime lens over a brand new model with a kit lens any day. In regard to Photoshop, its an amazing tool. I see a lot of great work out there that’s been ruined in Photoshop, though.


Internet Hollywood: So much of the content you put out is great in quality. How do you go through the process in selecting the right pictures from a shoot that you think is the best selection? How do you know which ones are the best to use?


Johnson: I try to be deliberate with my shots in camera so I already have a good idea of the best selections by the time I’m ready to cull and edit the images. I look for images where the model appears to have made a “connection”, not with the camera but with the end viewer of the photograph. Sometimes that connection is with the environment, oblivious of any viewer. Instilling a voyeuristic sense into the viewer. That can work well too.


Internet Hollywood: What are some of your favorite places to do photo shoots?


Johnson:  Wherever I may be. With that said, some specific locations include Yale University Art Gallery and Campus, Hammonasset Beach, and set of waterfalls near the Little Church of the Wilderness in Killingworth.

Internet Hollywood: Who are some of your favorite models to work with?


Johnson: Similarly to my favorite locations, my favorite model is the one that happens to be in front of my camera at any given moment. I like to work with models that Muse and inspire me to be a better photographer. I believe recent sessions with Ellie(Elvira Model), Haley Samodel, Cagla Hurd and Ashley Naomi have done just that, to name a few.


Internet Hollywood: I’m sure a person with your kind of talent is experienced with other fields as well. Is there anything else you do other than photography?


Johnson: Not really, I did get into web development and marketing for a while and still manage sites for a couple high-profile clients, but photography is pretty much it. Keeps me busy enough.


Internet Hollywood: What are some projects that you have coming up in the future that you would like people to know?


Johnson: I’m currently putting together the next issue of CK Sessions a photography magazine I started this year. This is an ambitious issue featuring over 20 models. I shall now digress to a shameless plug


Internet Hollywood: Last question: What is the best way to go when a photographer is trying to prevent his images from being stolen? What steps should he take?


Johnson: In regard to stealing images, anyone of consequence knows better than to steal images. So I don’t worry about it.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much for the interview Mark!

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