Photographer Melissa Morris is planning on throwing a Halloween party, talks about her recent Halloween shoots, horror movies, and more!

Topic of the Week (Halloween) – Connecticut photographer Melissa Morris of MCM Photography gave me the treat I’ve been asking for in a recent interview we did for Internet Hollywood’s hot topic of the month, Halloween. I sent her an invitation to do the interview and quickly got a response to all my questions shortly after they were sent. melissa kindly opened up about her holiday plans, recent halloween shots, horror movies and more. Enjoy the interview!


~*Interview /w Melissa Morris*~


Internet Hollywood: Hey Melissa! I appreciate you taking time out of your day to give us the inside scoop on your plans for Halloween. I have been making the effort to find out what talented people got going on for the holidays to share with all of our readers from Connecticut. Since you are so creative I thought this small interview would be fun to do with. What are some of your plans for Halloween? Will you be doing any dressing up at all?


Melissa: My plans for Halloween is maybe a few parties with friends, a themed dinner perhaps. I dont do any dressing up, I just never find the time or anything that fully fits my personality. I wouldn’t want to be like anyone else.


Internet Hollywood: You always seem to have something up your sleeves when it comes to expressing yourself in an artistic way. Are you planning on doing any Halloween shoots this year? And if so, who do you have in mind to do the photo shoots with?


Melissa: Oh goodness, Ive done quite a few photo shoots this year. I have truly loved everyone who got spooky, dark, witchy, creepy and bloody with me. I have shot with Danii Marie, Laynie Echo, Katie Dye, a new model Kendra, Antonia Dufort, Tiffany Jean, Hales Bug, Amber Von Witter, and others.


Internet Hollywood: What horror movie character terrified you the most when you were growing up and what are some of your favorite horror movies to watch?


Melissa: I am literally obsessed with horror movies, I watch them year round, I much prefer obscure films and have a soft spot for the Italian director Dario Argento, and of course Japanese horror is always weird and top notch, Iasldo love the creativity of the Saw series, but if we are picking standard favorites, Id say my first love is and will always be Pinhead and the Hellraiser series, he always scared me and delighted me even as a child.


Internet Hollywood: For safety and security, how should parents go about taking their kids trick or treating to avoid unsafe situations?


Melissa: If I were taking any kids out this year, I would accompany my kids even to the door, you can never be too careful and of course as always inspect any and all candy.


Internet Hollywood: Last question; have you ever been through a creepy experience that many people would consider haunting?


Melissa: Me personally? No, but I have many friends who do the haunted explorations and i fully believe in what was found or discovered, I firmly believe that unrested souls roam freely and until they find their peace to move on, for whatever reason.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much for the interview, Melissa! It was so great chatting with you again. Have a Happy Halloween!


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