Photographer Melissa Morris reveals her first crush and heartbreaking experience: “He wouldn’t call or anything until he needed or wanted new things.”

Topic of the Week – Photographer Melissa Morris gave us a deep scoop of history in her past life dealing with her first crush and heartbreaking experience. I asked her if she could participate in Internet Hollywood’s hot topic of the month and she revealed her story. Here’s what she said!


“My first crush and heartbreak was a older guy, since i was 16 at the time, freshly able to drive. he was 23. I would of done almost anything for him and I i almost did. I was so enamored with him, that i would let him emotionally manipulate and use me because he found out my family had money. He would come around every once in a while and convince me to steal from my family and take him on massive shopping trips. I didn’t see the harm in it as I was spending money on myself. He wouldn’t call or anything until he needed or wanted new things. Clothes, shoes all name branded and very expensive. But the attention he did pay me was enough to my young heart. We would hold hands, kiss and cuddle while drinking MD2020 in a field with a fire. I thought he hung the moon, till one day it all came crashing down. I got arrested for theft and check forgery. All do to me stealing from my family to give him everything. I learned when all of a sudden, he stopped coming around and my heart just shattered. Luckily, the charges got dropped to a violation like jaywalking and expunged,,,and the guy never came back again. It was two hard lessons to learn in one. I am very skeptical to trust and i have never ever used checks again.””


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